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You may ask why PPC and Amazon advertising software are so important? Well, for starters, they automate the whole advertising process, which includes running, processing, and optimizing the ad campaigns. Second, you can personalize the tools according to your product, when you are launching it, and what specific tools it requires to get leads. Third, you can adjust the parameters and goals to make it specialized for you. If you are using good software, it will adjust itself according to your product and will continue to run strategies that work best for the product. Lastly, it will save you time, and you can focus on other things like working on launching another product.

            In this article, we are going to review a well-known PPC software, “Perpetua”. We will help you decide for yourself why you should go for this software and what features it has. So, let’s start with the following:


            Perpetua is an AI solution for brands and sellers working on different platforms, including Amazon, TikTok, Walmart, and so on. It provides optimizing tools and reporting technology for eCommerce businesses. Its intelligent tools allow the sellers to maximize the efficiency of their Ad spend. It helps you find the best keywords and runs ad campaigns for your product. Perpetua uses data to drive performance which helps you advertise with intent and reach the most relevant audience. It helps the sellers reach incremental growth because it analyses the broader picture to make data-driven strategic decisions.

            If you’re tired of manually handling your product, from uploading it on Amazon to launching campaigns and looking at competitors, then Perpetua is your go-to software. It provides automated management of your products and campaigns. It provides optimizations on every bid you put out. It has a vast range of features, the detail of which is given below.


When buying an AI tool for your product optimization, the first thing you should check is the feature. You should do that even before checking the price because some tools might give a good price but might not have the features that you are looking for in your ad campaigns and product optimization.

  • Automated Bid Management

Managing your bids manually is quite impossible and time-consuming. It doesn’t even predict the results of each keyword you bid on. To save your precious time, Perpetua provides automated bid management that keeps track of your keywords and ad spend. It increases or decreases the bids as per the need. This feature is most important when looking for PPC tools to optimize and manage your products.

Automated Bid Management with Perpetua drives placement bids as well. It does so by looking at the base bids in comparison with the placement multiplier. Perpetua then balances them out to bring out the best bid for you, which is quite difficult to do with manual management. Moreover, Perpetua allows you to have Dynamic Bid Setting, which shows you the ups or downs of your bid and lets you know what works better. You will not have to make any changes by yourself because Perpetua will test various DBS and adjust them according to your product. It also has the Dayparting and regulates your bids accordingly. However, there is a limit to the extent of customization you can do with this feature.

  • Keyword and ASIN Harvesting

Having the right keyword is extremely important for your ad campaigns because if you harvest the wrong keyword, it can be fatal to your product and ad campaign. To find a keyword that fits best on your product, and doing that manually, is a heck of a task.

            Perpetua grants you the feature of keyword harvesting and targeting. It automatically searches for the keywords that are most relevant to your product and then harvests them for you to test. It is one of the essential features you should have when looking for a PPC tool, and Perpetua provides you that.

  • Budget Automation

 On the list of important features to look for, Budget Automation comes on third. It is good for seller central itself because it helps with budgeting. Perpetua assists sellers in increasing their budget in case they are running out. Along with that, it creates auto-campaigns for new products. Let’s say you have new products coming in every other day, like t-shirts with different designs. Then you can use this feature. What it does is that it creates automatic ad campaigns based on the data it already has and the data you provide them. However, Perpetua allows auto-campaigns only partially. Other than that, you have to be really careful using this feature.

  • PPC Bid Automation and PPC Analytics Considering External Data

Perpetua not only automates and optimizes your bids according to the internal data, which it gets through the information you put in regarding your product, but it also automates them considering the external data. This feature is great for keyword ranking and traffic potential as it provides ACOS and inventory levels. It also lets you know the level of your competition based on their budget and price. So, when your competitors reduce the price of their product, Perpetua lets you know so you can strategize your tactic.

            As for the PPC analytics, Perpetua brings in external data, and it is great for establishing ACOS, keyword ranking, traffic potential, and DSP optimization. It is also good for creating product attraction, placements, and DSP analyses. However, it works partly for product basics, ROI, and competition/benchmark.

  • Manual Bulk Campaign Creation

Despite it being an automation tool, Perpetua gives you an option to manually handle your campaigns as well. If you want to create bulk campaigns for multiple products, you can do that with Perpetua. To help you handle your manual campaigns better, it has ready-made structures for the ad campaigns as per the product. You can choose any structure you like and run your advertisements.

  • Manual Bulk Optimization

Apart from Bulk Campaign Creation, Perpetua also has a feature of Manual Bulk Optimization across multiple campaigns. It offers bids and event planning which is a great feature to have if you have well-performed campaigns running. Under this feature, you can also look up Negative Targets partly. What it does is it identifies if the product is receiving clicks after a certain number of orders or not. This feature is best to have only if you sell a product that requires more clicks and is not a luxury product.

  • Easy Analytics

Having analytics of PPC, CPC, bids, and competitors’ products are highly recommended because it allows you to form a tactic to cater to the issues in case they appear. Perpetua does exactly the same for you. It provides optimization suggestions for budget, trends, changes logs, and product-level PPC data. It also provides smart filters that you can use to swiftly through the data to find the information you need.  

  • Account Management

 If you want automation to manage your Amazon account, then Perpetua is there for you. It can be used for multi-account switch, multi-users, and personal account management. You can also adjust the columns and widgets according to your preference. It also allows you to customize the alerts and reports of your account. However, as for the overview, it only provides partial features.

  • Partner with Ad Astronaut

Ad Astronaut is software that saves all your Amazon data and keeps it secure. It also aids the transferring of that data to other AI tools. Perpetua has partnered with Ad astronaut so you can save all your work and history there, and when you shift to other software, you can easily transfer it to that AI tool.

  • Extras Features

Some other features of Perpetua are that it is great for Amazon attributions. It provides a knowledge base for your products and PPC. Perpetua has a mobile app too, which means you can manage your Amazon account and ad campaigns from wherever you want. It allows for the export of data gathered and optimized in this tool. Furthermore, it has an “all in one” advertising tool, and you can use it to optimize the whole of your Amazon ad campaign. Apart from that, Perpetua has good Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn following.


Apart from the features mentioned above, the following are the more concise reasons you should choose Perpetua:

  • Organic Ranking:

Amazon only optimizes products based on organic ranking. It does so to make the customer experience better because it shows the potential customers the products they might be interested in. Therefore, it is extremely important for your products and ad campaigns to have an organic ranking. The two main factors that contribute to organic ranking are a) Keyword relevance and b) Purchase Likelihood. The better metrics of keyword relevance and purchase likelihood are, the higher your product will rank.

 Perpetua helps you get organic ranks, which in return gets you organic sales. It helps you add all the relevant keywords. Not only that, but it also allows you to add those keywords in back-end listing optimization, the title of the product, and product detail pages (PDP). When you use your targeted keyword on all these pages, it increases your chances of getting organic sales. Similarly, Perpetua enhances the purchase likelihood of your product which is determined through clickthrough rate, conversion rates, and sales. The more people click and see your product, the more generously the Amazon algorithm will rank you.

  • Single Keyword Campaigns

Perpetua finds the keyword that works best in your Amazon analytics. It sets high bids for single keyword campaigns and launches keyword boost campaigns. You can set a separate budget, a high ACOS target, and add a top-of-search multiplier on the campaign with Perpetua.

Single keyword campaigns will ensure that you are getting the top ad placements among all other campaigns. It will drive flow and volume toward these keywords and will get you more impressions, clicks, conversions, and reviews, which will increase your rank.

  • Competitor’s Analysis

With Amazon being one of the biggest eCommerce markets, it is only natural that you find hundreds of competitors for your product unless your product is fundamentally unique. If you want your product to rank and boost, then you need information on your competitors. This is where Perpetua is handy. It helps you determine how the competitors are spending. This allows you to fine-tune your own strategy. You can change your bids or ad campaigns according to the information you have on your competitors.

Perpetua also gives you brand, product, and search terms data for over 80k top terms on Amazon. The larger data you have, the better strategy you can adopt to rank your product. It also helps you increase the accuracy of critical data.

  • DSP Campaign Optimization

The latest feature of Perpetua is Demand Side Platform (DSP) Campaign Optimization. It takes away the issues related to manual campaign creation and management. DSP helps execute full funnel strategies, amplify the brand, and reach a new audience. Perpetua helps you automatically build orders, generate line items, and officially scale ROIs. It offers 11 pre-build templates as per the audience that is based on the best industry practices. They increase interest and engagement with ads, drive the audience to purchase and prevent loss of sales. It also budgets optimization to maximize performance while utilizing the budget. You can also rank the campaign priorities for KPI efficiency or order delivery. Automating your DSP campaign allows you the time to evaluate campaign performance.

  • Hourly CPC Data

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew CPC not just daily but hourly too? Well, Perpetua allows you to see the hourly CPC rate and collects that data for you. It pulls out the organic data from Amazon on an hourly basis which allows you to change your bid hourly. The new feature, “Intraday Reporting,” tells how the data fluctuates at different hours of the day and day of the week. Hence, the advertisers can draw conclusions about their performance and create data-informed dayparting strategies. It means that they can make intelligent decisions about the campaigns they want to put forward or pull back. You can also use this feature to execute your specific advertising objectives and campaigns. This way, you can use your budget efficiently as well.

  • Video Creation

Videos can do a lot for the growth of the business. What Perpetua does is that it creates sponsored brand videos. It means that it auto-plays the video ad unit that appears on a search. A sponsored brand video is powerful because it captures the attention as buyers recognize images and motion quicker than text. Moreover, these videos convey more information than just simple research. They also give you an earlier mover advantage.

Video creation ties your keywords to your videos to match what the customer is looking for. With Perpetua, you get automated video creation, which means that it launches those videos directly. It tests multiple videos and can see which one works the best; it selects the best one and runs the ad campaign for your product. Creating videos with Perpetua gets you more placements. You also get ahead of your competitors because through video, you directly pass that emotional appeal to your potential customers.

  • Customizable Monitor

Perpetua permits you to customize the view on your dashboard to monitor the progress of features that matter the most to you and your product. It makes it easy to understand the performance in one look. This way, you can focus on the components that are most relevant to your product and devise strategies accordingly.


Time for Setting Up

            As the experience of some of the users’ shows, it might take a long time, even weeks, to set up your account and connect it to Amazon. It can not only be annoying, but it can result in you getting the payment bills despite not using the services.

Too Automated

            As it is an AI tool, it might be too automated for some of you as it is described as a “set up and leave it” kind of software. It might take over some other ads running on Amazon and automate them as well.

Customer Services

            Their customer service isn’t 24/7 and is available only during office hours. You might find yourself in troubling waters if you need to resolve an issue outside of office hours.


  • What does Perpetua charge?

The prices range from 250$ to 550$. The pricing varies depending on your ad spend and the features you use. You can also customize your charges according to the features and ad spends you’re looking for.

  • Can I see the details of the bid changes on Perpetua?

Yes, you can get a graph of bid changes that change on a daily basis. However, it does not explain that change.

  • How often does Perpetua change bids?

It depends on how many times the product needs it. In case the bids that are formed are functioning well and bringing in optimized results, then Perpetua might not make that many changes to the bids.

  • What sort of variables does Perpetua consider while changing a bid?

Several factors matter in a bid change. For instance, your conversion rate, click-through rate, CPC, and how those metrics have changed. It also depends on time-weighted bidding. It means that if your conversion rate, in the most recent times, has increased or decreased, then it will weigh your bid change more heavily than the previous time periods. However, still determining the exact variables that are considered while changing a bid is a complex matter.

  • Where does Perpetua get its pool of keywords?

It collects all the data on keywords that are top-rated. It also collects data based on performance and how people interact with the products. The keywords are the ones that function best, and then create a pool of them for sellers to use.

  • How many KW or placements should we boost?

The good rule of thumb is three. However, there are some sellers who like to target and boost more keywords because they want to dominate every page. In that case, you can run more KW boosts.

  • Can you really launch a product with Perpetua?

Perpetua is an AI tool that helps optimize and bring up your newly launched or mature products. So there is a possibility that you cannot use Perpetua to directly launch a product, but you can definitely use it to optimize and run ad campaigns for the product you launch otherwise.

  • How should the sellers put together the list of ASINs?

You can start by harvesting the keywords so that you can determine the best fit and the one that can convert best. Perpetua automatically does that for you, and you don’t need to do it manually. How it works is that you can find category keywords and research competitors selling products similar to you and then target those ASINs.

  • Is ASIN targeting more expensive than keyword targeting if compared to CPC?

In the competitor’s strategy, yes, ASIN targeting is more expensive than keyword targeting. Because it depends on whether you are targeting the competitor’s page or bidding on your own page and product.

  • Where is the Total Share of Voice reported?

Share of voice is a measurement model in advertisement which compares the total media spending and to the total media cost of the product. In Amazon, you will have to gather this on your own. But working with Perpetua will do it for you by scrapping Amazon’s UI. It does so around five times a day so that you have the updated data to use.

  • Can sellers use Sponsored Brand Ads for new products?

SBA is great for showing the top three performing products. Therefore, it works best for more mature products. However, it works for new products as well because it has different ad placements. But you will have to be careful as to on what page your product is showing up. One way you can use the Sponsored Brand is that you can add a new product to your top three Sponsored Brand, and that way, you can boost your new product to show it to your customers.

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