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Amazon Prime Day Preparation

Amazon recently announced that this summer’s mega sale will take place on the 12th and 13th of July. This will be the biggest sale of the year and only the members who have exclusively subscribed to the Amazon Prime subscription service will be able to benefit from it. Amazon Prime also has a 30-day free trial so if someone wants to only benefit from this mega sale on the prime day, this way can also be explored.

Since it is a sale where buyers tend to spend extravagantly, sellers need to be vary of it and must prepare themselves accordingly. It is found out that just last year, the total retail sales during the Prime Day exceeded a whopping amount of $11 billion. This is even higher than the cumulative sales on Cyber Monday, partly because the Prime Day sale is for 48 hours compared to Cyber Monday’s sale of 24 hours and partly because the whole hype this Prime Day has.

So are you and your brand ready for the Prime Day? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

1. Promos, Deals, Coupons and Discounts

Since most of the sellers offer discounts on the Prime Day, buyers are looking forward to it during these days. Hence, prior to the Prime Day, sellers can set up captivating deals, give out discounts, coupons and promos to boost up their sales during these days. Since the traffic on Prime Day is more than 10 times the one on normal days, giving out captivating discounts can be highly profitable.

2. Utilization of all Marketing Channels

For a better reach, and for more people to see your listings, make sure to use all the marketing channels. Social media can be used efficiently for this to advertise the top sales. You can also push to a custom landing page on your Amazon Storefront. You must also ensure that Amazon Attributes is turned on and your brand is enrolled in the Brand Registry program. Furthermore, if you happen to have any customer contact list, they can be utilized as a great asset. Advertise your Prime Day offerings to them too and make sure to do this in the most captivating ways possible. Also, adjust your list price, Amazon coupon etc. to offer your customers multiple ways of promotion. 

3. Ample inventory

Even if you check all other points, if you run out of inventory, you are at a loss. Stock-outs can be detrimental to your profits. Thus, your inventory, especially for your best selling products, under any circumstances must reach Amazon fulfillment centers by June 20th to be guaranteed for the Amazon Prime day.

4. Optimized Listings and Storefront

Just like everyone wants to look the best on their wedding, every seller ensures to look the best on the Prime Day. Thus, to stand out, you must look for perfection. Listing and storefront must be ensured to be up to date and in their best form. Titles, descriptions, images, bullet points and any other content must be thoroughly reviewed to ensure perfection.

5. Amazon Ad Spend to be increased by at least 20% for July

In the month of July, the CPC (Cost per click) is set to increase. Thus, to ensure that your products have the strongest possible search rankings, ensure to have enough budget. Extra traffic will be simply useless if the products are not visible in the first place. So Ads must have ample spend to stay active all day long and for your brand to be fully prepared for the Prime Day.

6. Setting up of a refund retriever account

To get FBA sellers’ refunds, ensure to set up a refund retriever account. This will ensure that all your FBA products listed on Amazon are either sold, in stock or receive a 100 percent refund.

Important Deadlines:

29th April: 

  • Deadline for the Lightning Deals Submission (Canada/ United States)
  • Deadline for Prime Members Promotion (Canada/ United States)

13th May:

  • Deadline for the Lightning Deals Submission (European Union and other Markets)
  • Deadline for Prime Members Promotion (European Union and other Markets)

2nd June:

  • Deadline for inbound shipping cutoff (Canada/ United States)

10th June:

  • Deadline for coupon submission (Canada/ United States/ European Union)

20th June:

  • Deadline for FBA inventory submission (Canada/ United States/ European Union)

29th June:

  • Deadline for inbound shipping cutoff (European Union)

9th July:

  • Deadline for Prime exclusive discounts (Canada/ United States/ European Union)

Tips to prepare for the Amazon Prime Day:

  • In case you are selling products in various sizes, make sure to keep your sizing guide easy to read and understand.
  • In online shopping, customer reviews play a huge role. They can work as testimonials to attract customers and increase profits. Thus, a simple, yet highly neglected strategy is to ask customers to leave detailed product reviews for the products they buy.
  • Write a well-defined, detailed, and accurate description. This will not only reduce your product returns but will also assist in Search Engine Optimization ranking.
  • A+ content can result in higher conversion rates. So, ensure that you are providing high-quality videos and photos. This can help a lot in attracting customers as visuals can be very captivating.
  • Since business activity is at its peak during the Amazon Prime Day, it is highly advised to hire Amazon Experts to assist and guide you during this. Each seller will be at their best and to compete with them, experts can be very helpful. The workload and tasks can be overwhelming, so one may hire Amazon Account managers for assistance too.

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