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Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads – A blessing for sellers

Imagine that in a Mall, there are ten shops that sell male shoes. You, as a customer, simply go there to buy a pair. However, only one of them has properly advertised that they sell shoes; others have simply opened the shop with opaque doors. As a new buyer, you will obviously go to the shop that has advertised itself, and in turn, the business of that particular seller will increase. The same is the case with Amazon Sponsored Ads. Sellers who use Amazon Sponsored Ads have a huge advantage over the other ones. Like in the example of the Mall, through the Amazon Sponsored Ads, the buyer goes to exactly that seller here, surpassing any competition like it never existed before.

What are Amazon Sponsored Ads?

On Amazon, if you are a brand-registered seller, automatically, you get access to some advanced advertising and marketing tools, unlike others. Among these are some that are really helpful, for example, Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Who Can Use Amazon Sponsored Ads?

To get access, you have to ensure that you have a verified Amazon Brand Registry account. Not only are these ads visible on mobile, but they are also visible on the desktop. This can help a lot in increasing your conversion rate by a great deal. This, in turn, can increase your brand visibility and promote your products in a great way.

How to make your best?

To make your best through these Amazon Sponsored ads, create captivating catchy ads that include generic short-tail keywords for three or four of your best-selling products. Just ensure that whichever keywords you choose are highly relevant to the product. Otherwise, even if people manage to visit your website, they are highly unlikely to buy and make an even worse situation. This is exactly like going to buy shoes and entering a flower shop. Target ads with maximum efficiency and minimize the cost of bids to make the most out of Amazon here. Use these simple strategies to make the best of the Amazon Sponsored Ads.

How does it work?

To explain in the simplest ways possible and not to overcomplicate it can be a tough thing to do. Nevertheless, let me try to give it a shot. Sellers compete with each other on specific keywords to gain impressions on the customers. The greater the impressions, the greater the conversions, and the greater the sales.

There are three types of Amazon Sponsored ADs that you can efficiently use to your advantage. Product Collection, Store Spotlight, and Video.

Product Collection:

In product collection, you can promote three to four of your products on your custom landing page. Having a well written copy, a catchy tagline, and a good color scheme can help you perform great in this stage. 

Store Spotlight:

If you are a brand registered seller and have created your own Amazon storefront, you can also use the Store Spotlight way of the Amazon Sponsored Ads too. However, in this way, you do not target exactly one or two products; you target the entire product category. For example, if one of your products in your portfolio includes spoons, you don’t target spoons; you target all the essential cooking items. 


Lastly, the video form of Amazon Sponsored Ads is perhaps the most useful one. Honestly, ads are not something people are willing to read. They aren’t, of course, interesting Shakespear novels or thrilling Sherlock stories. So it is upon the sellers to make a video of the sort that pushes the customers to watch it. More needs to be done to strategize for making the video that actually creates an impact than just making and recording it. 

Final Word:

Thus, Amazon Sponsored Ads are really important, and if you didn’t know about them before, you were already losing out on a lot. On Amazon, where there is tough competition, the best strategy is to perform the best in the most limited resources possible. For this, you must remain efficient and only use strategies that are beneficial for your brand. Having knowledge of all the marketing channels that can help promote your brand can thus be very important and may help you increase your profits exponentially.

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